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Content which engages and inspires. PR which connects and enthuses. And communications campaigns which achieve everything you wish – and more. Welcome to Real PR. Welcome to Zen.

Expert Communications

Zen’s PR Strategy

Establish and maintain a real presence for you in your marketplace and enable you to educate, enthuse and engage with the people who matter the most to you.

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Traditional Media

We’re talking newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio… all the channels you’d usually associate with PR.

Digital and social

Consider all of the blogs, forums, groups, and social media platforms that your avatars can and will connect with. Connect, develop, and share value – whether that’s giving advice and guidance, answering questions, or sharing killer content which will make readers sit up and take notice.


Taking communication from a one-to-many model to a one-to-one model can be hugely powerful. Whether it’s hard copy or electronic, part of a lumpy mail promotion or a straightforward letter approach, if you get the message and the language right, it can achieve some awesome results.


Bringing your brand to life.

Advocate and affiliate

Maximising those all-important connections you already have.

Meet the Zen Team

We’re a team of seasoned professionals who’ve done the national agency, FTSE100 and global brand thing, but who knew there could be a different way. A way where clients, our team, and our agency could all win – each and every time. Where collaboration and partnership was king. And where we cut the fluff, and the faff, and the unnecessary to deliver the results our clients deserve.

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