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Digital and Social

The Digital and Social PR Pillar has very much the same objective as Traditional PR (to generate awareness, build authority, and encourage engagement with your brand) – but it’s focused purely on online channels rather than offline ones.

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The Power of Online

Digital and Social encompasses, as you would expect, social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok to name just a few) as well as blogs, forums, and groups. It also includes video hosting sites such as YouTube, HubSpot or Vimeo, webinars, and podcasts. Essentially, anywhere where those that matter most to you like to hang out online.

Utilising Digital and Social Channels

These channels should be treated and respected like all others - utilised in order to connect, develop, and share real value – whether that’s providing advice and guidance, answering questions, or sharing killer content that will make readers (and viewers) sit up and take notice.

Advocate and affiliate

Maximising those all-important connections you already have.

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Bringing your brand to life

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More than public relations

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