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Advocate and affiliate

The connections you make during your business journey are hugely valuable, so why not maximise these and leverage all and any opportunities they may bring?

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Show Me the Love?

Essentially, this communications pillar is all about identifying who else is working with those that matter most to you - in a non-competitive way – and then engaging with them (and showering them with love). 

Those you want to connect with will already be engaged and warmly connected with other people and businesses. And, if you can connect with those businesses too, then there’s an easy introduction waiting to happen.

One consideration to always keep in mind when it comes to building relationships with potential referees is to make sure that those individuals and/or organisations you align yourself with share similar values to you so that your relationships (and reputation) that you've worked so hard to build, remain intact.

Reaping those Relationship Rewards

For example, if you run an estate agency business - you may look to build connections with mortgage advisers, financial advisers, and solicitors. If you're in the health and safety sector - engaging with contacts across the HR, construction, and insurance arenas is likely to be beneficial. And, if you're a photographer - you could seek and nurture relationships with experts in PR and copywriting, marketing, and web design. You get the idea :) 

Essentially - you get access to each other's valued clients, and your referral comes from a source that is already trusted, respected, and well-liked. Win:win.

Digital and Social

Consider all of the blogs, forums, groups, and social media platforms that your avatars can and will connect with. Connect, develop, and share value – whether that’s giving advice and guidance, answering questions, or sharing killer content which will make readers sit up and take notice.

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Traditional Media

We’re talking newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio… all the channels you’d usually associate with PR

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