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From Summer Holiday Juggling To Circus Workshop Fun!

Posted by Zen | 15th November 2023

From Summer Holiday Juggling To Circus Workshop Fun!

Zen has been juggling - again! After acing the school holiday juggle we decided to try our hand at some similar Big Top talents - so we got together last month to enjoy a circus skills workshop experience.

As you know, our team is our most important asset. And as part of our holistic wellbeing strategy, regular activities are arranged to encourage a deeper team connection, designed to challenge ourselves, and inspire us to try something new. So when we heard about Leo’s Loco Circus, who run regular local workshops and events, it seemed the perfect way to unwind and have some good old fashioned fun together!

At a dedicated workshop held at Zen HQ, Leo brought the excitement of the Big Top to us with his travelling trunks packed full of props and enthusiasm. A master entertainer with boundless passion, energy and flair, Leo guided us through the fascinating history of some of the oldest circus props in history - like the diabolo which dates back hundreds of years - before encouraging us all to have a go at some beginner activities. Cue the collective sigh of relief in the room that we wouldn’t be performing acrobatics or tightrope walking just yet.

We learnt the technique behind spinning plates (and it turns out metaphorically spinning plates is much easier than actually spinning them), performed various tricks with flower sticks, and even tried out a fantastic whole team activity during which we weren’t allowed to verbally communicate - difficult for a team of language enthusiasts!

With lots of new skills to take away and practise - which led Fliss immediately off on an online search for circus props - we all discovered something we were particularly good at. And lots that we really weren’t! It’s safe to say none of us will be running away to join the circus any time soon, but we certainly had lots of fun together and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.


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