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Meditating Our Way into 2024!

Posted by Zen | 27th February 2024

Meditating Our Way into 2024!

As firm believers of taking a step back once in a while to recharge, refocus, and re-evaluate, we were excited to participate in a grounding reset earlier this month. With so much to look forward to over 2024, and having had a busy start to the year already, we enlisted the support of our incredible Health and Wellness Coach, and Founder of WellBe, Laura Butler, to help us take a moment to re-energise. 

Designed to rejuvenate, a meditative session was carefully curated by Laura. As we entered the room - welcomed with a candlelit glow, calming atmospheric music, and notes of soothing essential oils - we immediately relaxed. 

Snuggled down in thick fluffy socks and soft cosy blankets, we were gifted time to wind down, and Laura guided us through a wonderful meditation. The journey consisted of a grounding process, before being invited to each focus and manifest an individual goal we want to achieve this year, followed by a period of reflection for all we already have. 

Once we were all (begrudgingly) back in the room Laura led an open discussion about what each of us were grateful for. And, unsurprisingly, one thing we all had in common was gratitude for Zen: for the amazing team that we are, and for the ability to be able to have taken time out of our working day to enjoy this uplifting and inspiring session together. And of course for Laura, for having delivered it so beautifully!

We were relaxed, recharged, refreshed, and reset. And suddenly really hungry! Armed with slow cookers from the kitchen, Laura treated us to a nutritiously-packed lunch, consisting of a butternut squash tagine, and an Eton mess-style dessert.

Having completely nourished our bodies (and souls), by the time Laura left we were ready to be utterly brilliant again, set for a productive afternoon – but from a much more grounded and peaceful place.

As we talk about time and time again - the wellbeing of our team is hugely important at Zen. Regular activities like this help to encourage a deeper team connection, whilst challenging and inspiring us all on a personal level. It’s safe to say that after this particular afternoon our tummies, minds, hearts - and our cups - were most definitely full.


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