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Seeing Double in Awards Shortlist Success

Posted by Zen | 26th July 2023

Seeing Double in Awards Shortlist Success

Over the past 16 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to create an agency where all of our team feel supported, empowered, and safe. Ensuring their holistic wellbeing has always been - and will always be - our absolute priority. It’s no secret that this makes us an awesome place to work. And we can (and often do!) boast about this with absolute conviction.

We constantly strive to champion the way we work and the relentless energy we put into breaking the mould, creating a better future for our agency and for those at its absolute heart: our team. And we love nothing more than an opportunity to spread the word and encourage other businesses to follow suit.

That’s why this month we’re celebrating double shortlist success. Our beloved agency has been nominated as Best Business in the prestigious Best Business Women Awards. And, of course, behind every great place to work there’s usually an inspiring leader at the helm – and ours is certainly no exception. Our fabulous MD, Rhi, has also been shortlisted as Best Boss, which is testament to her unwavering investment and commitment to the continued holistic wellbeing of #TeamZen.

Reflecting on the news, Rhi says: “I’m absolutely thrilled to learn of these nominations, as although I may be a little biased, I do truly believe that it’s the best business in the world. Alongside Zen’s Founder, Fliss, we’ve worked tirelessly over the past 16 years to establish a metric of success - what success looks like for the agency, for our clients, and for our team. It’s led to some innovative approaches - including abolishing the working week, adopting a genuine flexible working approach, and dedicating significant time and resources to focus on wellbeing initiatives.

“Thanks to this, our team is happy and fulfilled; our retention rates (both clients and staff) are industry-leading; and we all absolutely enjoy what we do. And it’s fantastic that this is being recognised yet again outside of Zen and on a national scale.”

We are beyond thrilled to have received such amazing recognition, having already been awarded a Silver Award in both categories - but can we up these to Gold when the winners are announced at the Gala Final at the Hilton Wembley on 22nd September 2023?

Since being founded in 2015, the esteemed annual Best Business Women Awards have welcomed over 5500 entries, and are now considered one of the most prestigious awards for business women in the UK. They recognise the hard working, dedicated, and committed leadership of women striving to do business better in a variety of industries.

Watch this space! …


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