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The Five Pillars of Kick Ass Strategic Promotion

Posted by Zen | 22nd July 2017

The Five Pillars of Kick Ass Strategic Promotion

When approached by Speaking Business magazine to write a by-lined article focused on ‘kick ass PR strategies’, our MD, Felicity Wingrove, had it covered.

A magazine aimed at professional speakers, trainers, coaches and facilitators, Fliss chose none other than to focus on Zen Communications’ own pioneering ‘Five Pillars’ principle…

“When it comes to PR, most Speakers I know recognise the need to promote themselves, to credibly raise awareness of what they do, and to warm up their prospects in readiness for a sales call. But it’s how they go about it that’s often causing them an issue…

“We all know at least one person who’s ‘investing in PR’ and either they or a person they hire is steadfastly throwing time, energy and budget at the ‘wall’ in the hopes that something will stick. Occasionally they nail it and their reputational star rises, but in 95% of cases they get demoralised, demotivated and feel justified in their – now firmly-held – belief that PR ‘just doesn’t work’.”

  1. Digital & Social | Consider all of the blogs, forums, groups and social media platforms that your avatars can and will connect with. They’re at home here, they’re open to connections and to starting conversations and building relationships. Just don’t try to sell into this space… instead, share value
  2. Direct | Taking communication from a one-to-many model (think standing at your pulpit and preaching to the assembled crowds) to a one-on-one model (direct) can be hugely powerful. Whether it’s electronic or hard copy, part of a lumpy mail promotion, or a straightforward letter approach, if you get the message and the language right, it can achieve some awesome results
  3. Experiential | Helping someone to live and breathe your brand doesn’t have to mean PR stunts and showcases, it can be as simple as helping them physically experience your keynote, or a snippet of it. We’ve had great success with video messaging and video cards, as well as with some of the more Virgin-worthy headline grabbers!
  4. Advocate and Affiliate | If you can connect with businesses, who are already engaged and warmly connected with other people and businesses, then there’s an easy introduction waiting to happen. Make sure that the organisations are completely non-competitive and that they share the same values to you. After all, linking to anyone else is a risk as well as a possible advantage, so do tread with care
  5. Traditional PR | This is where TV, radio, magazines and newspapers come in. What tactics can you use to engage with the traditional media? Why not take it above simple press releases and look at interview and profile opportunities, offer comment on areas that you’re expert in, or try and get a by-lined article. It’s a great way to show rather than simply tell that you’re great at what you do

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