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Proud To Be Supporting PR’s Next Generation

Posted by Zen | 18th May 2020

Proud To Be Supporting PR’s Next Generation

Here at Zen, we’re passionate about supporting the next generation of PR professionals - helping aspiring communicators develop their own skills as well as nurturing their own genuine love for our industry.  Which is why we’re committed to regularly inviting enthusiastic, talented and downright lovely people to spend some time with us and gain valuable insight into the fabulous world of PR.

Our latest blog comes from our current intern, Danielle, who is currently studying English Language at University Centre Shrewsbury…

“As part of my great adventure returning to education a little later in life (emphasis on the little), I certainly wasn’t expecting to find myself searching for a work placement at the end of the second year of my English degree.  ‘Work based learning’ was a module that not many students could claim to be too thrilled about, and I can’t deny the thought was somewhat daunting. How wrong I was to have worried!

Zen’s MD, Fliss, personally replied to my email enquiring as to whether Zen was able to facilitate my needs, and immediately arranged an informal chat over the phone.  Never have I hung up the phone to a total stranger feeling so excited and welcomed!

Work placements are invaluable for students as they provide the perfect opportunity to trial a career, with no long-term commitments.  For some, it’s a way to experience a career they may not necessarily want to spend their life in, but would like to check off the bucket list.  For others, myself included, it is a fantastic way to get relevant experience to enhance their CV and future prospects.

My first few weeks here at Zen have been a whirlwind of learning and there hasn’t been a dull moment.  I have been very much treated as an employee, as opposed to the tea girl I thought I would be when our lecturers first told us we were being sent off into the world of work.  I feel incredibly lucky with the opportunity I have been given here at Zen, and have been blown away by the amazing work ethic and team spirit in the office.   For everything I have learnt, the most important is that thanks to the Zen team, I know exactly where I am meant to be once I graduate.”

By Danielle Gray


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