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What Genuine Flexibility Means To Me | Jen

Posted by Zen | 02nd April 2024

What Genuine Flexibility Means To Me | Jen

Back in 2020, we completely abolished the working week, meaning the team no longer has set hours (or days) where they must be chained to their desk. Instead they have absolute autonomy to work when best suits them, their commitments, and their energy cycles – providing it’s also a win for our clients and the agency as a whole. And we’ve never looked back, it’s truly been one of the best decisions that we ever made. But don’t just take our word for it – here Jen shares what #GenuineFlexibility means to her:

"The thought of returning to work after maternity leave can fill so many parents with dread, anxiety, and an almost unexplainable sadness that the special time with your little one has come to an end before the normalcy of life sets back in. Work, commuting, childcare, schooling and pick-ups and drop offs, plus of course shopping, cooking, cleaning and repeating. 

"As the second time returning back to work from what we all laugh and joke is a ‘holiday’ but is anything but, I feel no dread. There is no walking through that work door at 8:58am, hanging up my coat, and setting up the desk whilst already counting down the hours until lunch or the five, four, three, two, one days in my head until I get a respite from work for a couple of days before doing it all again the following week.

"Instead, I feel immensely grateful because I know the way in which we work – we all work, kids or no kids, dogs or no dogs – is about balance. It’s about being in the moment when you need to be. Being available to whoever we need to at that time. Ourselves, our children, our clients, and our colleagues.

"And so, on my first day back, I saw both kids off – my baby only just learning to crawl – without the immense sorrow I always thought I’d experience and that I know so many others do. They’re off to nanny’s for a day of fun, while I set up at home for a good few hours totally uninterrupted and totally focused on doing what I love, for clients I love.

"Then, I’ll head down to the gym for the first time in a very long time to have a workout and a swim. I’m not sure what time that will be, but I don’t have any meetings pencilled in today and no urgent deadlines that can’t wait, so it could be any time between 12pm and 2pm. Who knows.

"I’ll grab a coffee from the café, and join the member’s lounge where fellow work-from-anywhere-ers are also putting their flexibility to use. When my head is ready to start another great session of uninterrupted work, I know I’ll think of exciting new ideas, strategies, tactics and more, thanks to the mental boost the workout and change of location gave me. So clients benefit from a me that’s not bored in the 9-5 mindset or thinking only inside the box. And when I’m done, my kids and family benefit from a me that knows she’s done a kick-arse job today.

"And no, not everyday is like this. Tomorrow I’ve got a few calls in plus a face-to-face – all done from the office where I can fill up on the energy of my amazing colleagues. I might not be as productive in terms of work output, but it’s equally as important to be around people who fill me up and be available to clients as they need me.

"I’m forever grateful to the pioneering attitude of everyone at Zen. People who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, scrap the traditional working week, and pass zero judgement on when and where we’re working so that days like this are actually the norm, and not the exception.

"It means I can be the best version of myself in whatever area of life is taking priority at that moment. And I hope more businesses see the value in trusting staff to do what they’re meant to do – monitoring outputs in a way that’s appropriate to their business and clients or customers, and not just the times of day they hang up their coats and pick them back up."


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