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Podcast Shines a Light on Zen's Commitment to Wellbeing

Posted by Zen | 16th December 2021

Podcast Shines a Light on Zen's Commitment to Wellbeing

Zen’s flexible work pattern and dedication to employee wellbeing is something we are truly proud of, with the culmination of this being our decision to abolish the traditional working week in June 2020.

Our Head of Agency, Rhi, was recently asked to share exactly what drove Zen to make this bold change and how the team has gone from strength to strength since choosing to place even more focus on the health and wellbeing of the team as a whole.

Rhi joined the fabulous Gemma Allies on her Wellness Works Podcast to talk further about the intricacies of how Zen takes care of us all - from ensuring we all have access to healthcare via our wonderful client Paycare, to in-house mentoring and mental health support, through to a genuine open door policy.

It was a wonderfully positive interview and, as always, Rhi exemplified what it is to work at Zen and how each day means so much more when you have the support of a fantastic team, and the freedom and autonomy to make decisions that undoubtedly benefit all.

You can listen to the full podcast here:


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