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What Genuine Flexibility Means To Me | Zoe

Posted by Zen | 17th April 2024

What Genuine Flexibility Means To Me | Zoe

Back in 2020, we completely abolished the working week, meaning the team no longer has set hours (or days) where they must be chained to their desk. Instead they have absolute autonomy to work when best suits them, their commitments, and their energy cycles – providing it’s also a win for our clients and the agency as a whole. And we’ve never looked back, it’s truly been one of the best decisions that we ever made. But don’t just take our word for it – here Zoe shares what #GenuineFlexibility means to her:

"Genuine flexibility means everything to me. Having the autonomy to manage my day, week, and month in a way that works around life, commitments, and responsibilities has totally transformed my life. (And yes, I can be a little dramatic at times but this isn’t an exaggeration).

"And it’s not just one big thing, it’s a million little things: going to the gym before the 5pm rush, avoiding the dark morning dog walks, not wasting hours in traffic on the daily commute, going to get my hair done on a Tuesday afternoon, or even just being able to put a load of washing on the line when the sun’s out. Not to mention I can actually work when I feel motivated, productive, and when I’m going to produce content that our clients absolutely deserve.

"It’s been especially important to me as my boyfriend works shifts. Shifts that completely clash with the 8-5 that my previous role consisted of – we really were passing ships! We’d not properly be able to spend time together from a Sunday night until a Friday evening.

"But now it’s the best of both. We can catch up on life admin, treat ourselves to a breakfast date, or go for a walk – then when he leaves for work, I sit at my desk in the quiet and get stuck in. It’s also ensured that our weekends can be spent doing things we love, not restricted to tasks, such as the food shop and household chores. And on my office days, he’s still able to go and play golf, or – simply – enjoy the peace. And I can catch up with friends and family in the evenings (or binge watch a new Netflix series).

"And as if I wasn’t an advocate enough for genuine flexibility, it’s really come into its own over the last few months, as we’ve embarked on a huge life decision. We’re moving house!

"Being able to work flexibly has meant we can attend viewings as soon as we spot a house on Rightmove. I’ve been able to spend time blitzing my house and able to show prospective buyers around myself. And it’s allowed me to attend meetings, and respond to the endless emails and calls without delay.

"We sold our house within two weeks – with genuine flexibility definitely playing a part in allowing me to react in a timely manner at every stage of the process. On the same day, we got accepted to purchase a house we LOVE and we’re both so excited to move (hopefully) over the next few months.

"While it’s not complete yet, I know that flexibility will prove invaluable – yet again! Meaning I can pack up boxes around my work commitments, and not have to take all of my annual leave when the big move happens. Although, I am looking forward to taking a few days (and a deep breath) because they weren’t lying when they said it was one of the most stressful life events…!"


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