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Why would I use a PR agency for website copy?

Posted by Zen | 10th October 2018

Why would I use a PR agency for website copy?

When you take your car to the garage to be serviced, do you ask the mechanic to look at the engine but leave the tyres for you to check at home?  The chances are the answer is no and you actually ask them to look at the whole car from top to bottom (or bumper to boot!) – well, the same principle applies with PR.  If you’ve decided to bring in a PR company to boost (and protect) your reputation and to take ownership of writing, scheduling and distributing all of the content which goes out about your firm, then your website should absolutely be a part of that.

Your website is essentially your ‘shop window’ and a link to it is likely to feature in any guest blog, press release, Facebook post or LinkedIn article your PR agency writes on your behalf – and it’ll be the next destination for any potential customer interested in finding out more about who you are and what you do.  Their interest has been sparked by the (hopefully) engaging content your agency has carefully crafted, and now you need to ensure that that spark continues.  So, what happens next?

Imagine a potential (or even existing) customer goes to your website, and the copy on there fails to engage and interest them – or worse puts them off through poor spelling and grammar.  It’s unlikely that they’ll take that next step... whether that’s clicking ‘buy’ on your products, or getting in touch with you to find out more about your services.  In short, the copy on your website needs to sell your brand just as much as the content which goes out anywhere else, either online or physically.

There’s nothing more off-putting than clicking onto a website where there are 10,000 words of copy about each product (no one has the time or inclination to read all that!), where the copy is packed to the brim with all sorts of jargon and technical lingo no customer without a PhD would be able to understand, or where the page is littered with typos and grammatical inaccuracies ('your going to love this prduct').

You’re an expert in your own field and you know your own sector intimately, and it’s the same for PR agencies. Our specialism is in selecting words (with psycholinguistic, NLP and technical writing training helping to hone that craft), composing sentences, and editing copy to make sure that every piece of content is emotive, engaging and/or persuasive.  And, that’s why we advise you to leave the website copy to us, while you carry on doing what you do best - building your business 😊 


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